Our growing team consists of seasoned industry leaders

with extensive experience in data center development,

construction, and operations. 

Colin Clish


Colin is the President at PointOne. Colin leads the real estate execution and strategic portion of t...

Don Pollard

Director of Development- Virginia Beach

Don is the Director of Development for PointOne’s NAP of Virginia Beach.

Elaine Feeney

Advisory Board

Elaine Feeney joined PointOne in 2018 and now serves on the Advisory Board.

Joe DePalo

Advisory Board

Joe DePalo serves on the Advisory Board for PointOne.

Keith Frieser


Keith is currently a Partner of PointOne. He has been a leader in business for his entire career.

Kelsey Fehr

Director of Corporate Development

Kelsey Fehr is the Director of Corporate Development at PointOne. 

Kris Keeney

Chief Legal Officer & SVP

Kris Keeney is the Chief Legal Officer and SVP at PointOne. Kris has been practicing law for over 25...

Monique Meche

Advisory Board

Monique Meche has served on the Advisory Board for PointOne since 2017.




We aim to create an enjoyable and productive workplace where all employee’s voices are heard. We are committed to fostering a team that supports all team members and initiatives that are important to them.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we want to connect with you.