Colocation is one of the fastest growing aspects of IT infrastructure management for businesses of all sizes. According to predictions by Global Newswire, the Global Data Center Colocation Market Size is predicted to reach approximately $195.3 Billion by 2029. As demand increases, more businesses are utilizing colocation to streamline their operations and create a supportive safety net for uptime. The right colocation partner can benefit your business, and it’s worth examining the way your company is utilizing this service.

PointOne is a colocation specialist, providing tailored solutions at their NAP of Virginia Beach® to fit everyone from smaller scale tenants to larger users and hyperscalers. Their services are of particular benefit to those looking to leverage dependable IT infrastructure management to create ecosystem hubs for “community of interest” operators and businesses. From healthcare to biotech, industry of all kinds can reap the following benefits:

  1. Improved Network Connectivity

Colocation is an important solution that enables a more robust hybrid cloud strategy but can still be beneficial even if a company is not in the cloud — allowing for greater control and enhanced privacy, and protecting valuable digital business assets from the public domain.

NAP of Virginia Beach® acts as an interconnectivity hub, providing a multitude of customized connectivity options that are built-to-suit. This diverse ecosystem of connectivity options allows businesses to choose the most suitable and cost-effective network solutions for their specific needs.

PointOne’s facilities are designed to meet Tier III standards, reducing potential downtime. With high-speed and low-latency connections, businesses can ensure seamless data transfer, faster access to cloud services, and superior user experiences for their customers.

2. Scalability

PointOne’s flexible space and power requirements allow for rapid scalability. PointOne’s colocation services enable businesses to scale their IT infrastructure as rapidly and efficiently as needed. They are given the option to add or remove equipment as needs evolve, which avoids costly overprovisioning or underutilization of resources.

3. Enhanced Security

Peace of mind is a valuable asset to data center tenants. Whether regarding uptime, attentiveness, or data security, reliability is a core tenant that PointOne strives for in all aspects. The NAP of Virginia Beach® has “24 x 7 x 365” on-site security guards and monitoring, delivering the utmost protection for a business’ most valuable data. They utilize multi-layer security with steel fencing, biometrics, security guards, and CCTV monitoring to ensure uncompromising safeguarding of data and operations.

4. Cost Savings

Colocation services eliminate the need for businesses to invest heavily in building and maintaining their own data centers. When weighing the potential costs of colocating in an established data center against developing one’s own facility or leasing equipment from another data center operator, colocating becomes a straightforward decision. By utilizing PointOne’s design and operations expertise, companies can lower their costs over choosing in-house data storage and on premises solutions. Sharing the infrastructure and operational costs with other tenants results in significantly reduced operational costs, as well as allowing for flexible contracts, making it a lower scale commitment.

Finding the right partner to provide an optimized environment that specifically supports their unique needs is a paramount decision for all companies contending with the ever-evolving compute infrastructure landscape. Large and small businesses alike will want to ensure they have access to enhanced reliability, improved network connectivity, cost savings, and advanced security measures, all under one roof. PointOne offers a colocation solution that allows businesses to harness the power of shared data center infrastructure and take on the ever changing horizon of the digital infrastructure world.