Ground Stations as a Service (GSaaS)

As demand for high-bandwidth and lowlatency connectivity soars, satellite technology continues to advance and provide critical solutions for global communications challenges. New satellite deployments allow for enterprise-grade connectivity in locations where traditional access has been unreliable or unavailable.
PointOne partners with satellite operators to build out Ground Stations as a Service (GSaaS) for those looking to deploy GEO, MEO, or LEO satellite installations. Our team specializes in land procurement, land development, infrastructure build out, and ongoing hosting services. PointOne utilizes its experience and trusted partnerships to develop and deliver turnkey custom solutions that meet our customer’s needs. Our team works alongside satellite operators and users to provide scalable, readily deployable solutions.

Ground stations are a key part of any global satellite network and require reliable deployment and hosting operations. PointOne ensures this component of the interface between a satellite constellation and terrestrial networks is reliable and cost efficient.

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